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SnapSiteOnline Quick Start Guide

Last Updated: Mar 09, 2016 04:52PM PST

Quick Start Guide

This quick start guide focuses on the free Census 2010 version of SnapSiteOnline.   Additional features and databases are available.

The SnapSiteOnline interface is simple and, to most users of Google Maps, familiar.  The opening screen, shown below, is focused on locating your site.

Important Note: SnapSiteOnline requires that you enable popups, either as a general browser setting or for this web site. 

Selecting A Location

To find an address, simply begin typing it into the “Search Location” box.   Google Maps will attempt to guess the location as you type.   This is much more effective if you have turned location services on within your browser.  

You can enter a range of alternatives, including –
  • A full address (street number, street, city, state)
  • A named place (such as a town or ZIP code)
  • A point of interest, such as a shopping center, university, airport, park, military base, etc.
  • An intersection
  • The location of a large employer

Once you hit enter, the map will automatically zoom to the location for verification purposes.  In the example below, we simply entered “The Grove”, and Google Maps did the rest of the work.   Note that the further away your site from your actual location, the more detailed your entry will need to be in order to find it.

Selecting A Report

Simply use the Select Report pick list to choose the report you would like to view.   Reports not available for your particular subscription will be greyed out.   For the free Census edition, only the 2010 Census report is available for selection.

Choose Study Area Size

By default, the report will be for three radial areas – 1, 3, and 5 mile rings.   You can simply enter in new values as necessary into the three text boxes and optionally, add a fourth radius and optional benchmark.   To suppress a column, click on the grey square at the left.

Please note that study area types are limited to Radius Ring for the free version.   Paid subscriptions include access to both drive time and drive distance based reports, using Freeway from Applied Spatial Technologies, Inc.

In the example below, using The Grove in Los Angeles, we have chosen 5, 10, and 15 mile radii for our study. Benchmarks are always for the geographic area in which the site is located.   In our example, we have chosen the County level, which selects Los Angeles County, CA.

Once your study is defined, click “PDF” to generate your report, which in a few moments will appear in a new tab of your browser.

The report and map are presented as a single PDF file which can be saved and readily incorporated into other documents and presentations.

Advanced Features
Please contact Applied Geographic Solutions, Inc. for information on a range of additional databases available in SnapsiteOnline.   Subscriptions include access to drive time and drive distance study areas and the ability to save the report data to an Excel spreadsheet.

SnapsiteOnline is © Applied Geographic Solutions, 2016 and utilizes the Regis Online system of SitesUSA.   Drive time and drive distance uses Freeway © Applied Spatial Technology, Inc.   Maps and geographic search technology provided by Google.    Databases are © Applied Geographic Solutions, Inc.   Optional business database is provided under license from Infobase, and behavioral data from GfK MRI.


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